Bleach Brave Souls Guide – Game Quests And Currency

Brave Souls Guide

Bleach Brave Souls Guide – Game Quests And Currency


Based on Japanese anime; Bleach: Brave Souls is an engrossing online multiplayer game, which allows the player to compete with millions of users online. The game features different quests and on their completion, players are rewarded with skill points and game currency.

Game Quests:

The quests are entirely based on game universe locations – Soul Society and Human World. Soul Society is a place where the soul lives until it is reincarnated into human form; whereas, Human World is a place where humans live. In each quest, you have to build a team of 3 characters in order to complete a set of missions and in order to strike a balance between both worlds.

Battle Ranks, Co-Op Quests, And Skill Points:

Each quest requires a different team to compete so you need to focus on acquiring new players and improving the skills of existing players. You will receive Battle Ranks on playing PVP battles. Battle Rank determines where each game character stands and their team strength. On completion of battles in both campaign and battle modes, you are awarded with Skill Points and game currency. These can be used to purchase new characters and upgrade existing playable characters.

You can monitor your progress and compare your ratings with other players by checking their Battle Ranks in the leader boards. The game also features co-operative Quest Mode where you can team up with your friends or strangers in order to complete certain quests. Rewards on completion of co-op quests are split equally among the participating players.


They are basic game currency that are awarded on completion of story mission or acquired during quests. Most of the items in the games can be purchased using Coins, but acquiring and saving them for items of your choice is a time-consuming task. You can purchase accessories, clothes, weapons, decoration, etc. by using Coins.

Bleach Brave Souls Guide – Crystals And Jewels:

They are secondary or premium game currency that can be used to buy special weapons, armor, new player packs, etc. You can buy Crystals and Jewels from the game store and use them to purchase premium content. They do not control or influence the game in any manner so it doesn’t matter if you do not buy them, but certain game items can be only purchased by spending these currencies.


HogyukaThey are spherical shaped bluish-purple colored orbs. They are one the most powerful items in the Brave Souls universe. They can be used for combining powers of Soul Reaper and Hollow Warriors. They are extremely rare items, so hardly ever found in the game during quests. However, you can purchase them online or receive them during game promotions. You can use Hogyuka stone in order to create a monstrous warrior who will lead their team to victory.

Spirit Orbs:

These are special orbs that can be spent to acquire new characters or upgrade existing playable characters. Spirit Orbs are awarded to players during several campaign missions and player versus player battles. In addition, you can also purchase them or acquire them during different game promotions. These orbs are an important item in the game as they help the player in building and developing their ultimate fighting team. I hope that by reading this Bleach Brave Souls Guide it will be easier for you to get Spirit Orbs, but I still suggest you to try Bleach Brave Souls Hack to get unlimited Coins and Spirit Orbs!

Summons Ticket: 

These Tickets can be used to summon a special character in the battle to assist. You can summon characters of different star rating depending upon the availability of the tickets. Each Ticket can be used to summon a character in only one battle and cannot be used for multiple times. You can buy the tickets from the game store or gain them in promotional events at social-networking platforms.

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