Bleach Brave Souls Game Modes And Character Affiliation!

Bleach Brave Souls Game modes

Bleach Brave Souls Game Modes And Character Affiliation!



Bleach: Brave Souls is a massively multiplayer online role playing game, which features PVP and PVE elements. This engrossing and addictive game can be played on Android and iOS devices and players can download the game for free of cost on both platforms. Even though the game is free to play, certain elements in the game can be purchased additionally.

The game features both story mode and multiplayer mode. In the story mode, players can start from scratch and develop their character and skills as the game progresses. The Multiplayer mode allows the player to play battles with other online players. Below mentioned are brief details of each Game mode:

Campaign Mode:

The campaign mode or story mode revolves around characters which feature from the Japanese anime ‘The Bleach.’ The campaign mode begins when a playable character Ichigo Kurosaki becomes a soul reaper and befriends another soul reaper Rukia Kuchiki. In the story mode, players have to battle hundreds of different PVE characters in order to progress in the game and unlock other playable characters.  Players also need to enhance their playable characters so that they last for a longer period when it comes to battling tough enemies.

Battle Mode:

You can team up 3 players of your choice in order to battle against thousands of different players available online. Choose from over 600 characters to build an ultimate battle team or create multiple customized teams as per the opponents present. You can further develop skills of each available character, which makes the team customization endless.

Some Important Traits Of Characters And Their Classifications:

The game features more than 600 playable characters. Some of them can be used in Story Mode and rest of them can be used to play online multiplayer battles, during online battles you may need a lot of Coins and Spirit Orbs which can be acquired by using Bleach Brave Souls Cheats. Each character possesses traits such as Stamina, Attack (Melee & Ranged), Defense, Spiritual Pressure, and Focus that makes them unique as well as powerful. These character traits can be enhanced at any point in the game by using earned skill points.

Each Character Is Further Classified On The Basis Of Affiliation:

Soul Reaper:

They are guardians of the tormented souls who are transmigrating from Human World into Soul Society. Soul Reapers purify hollow by helping them cross the human world and helps them in attaining salvation. They strike a balance between both Human World and Soul Society by battling evil Arrancar and Espada warriors.


They are group of 13 warriors who are leaders of 13 divisions of Soul Reapers i.e. Gotei-13. All captains are Soul Reapers but they are more powerful than the regular Soul Reapers. Each captain has mastered the techniques of battle and possesses great knowledge of Shingami history. Even the weakest of the captain is at least 5-10 times powerful than a regular Soul Reaper. The safety of the Soul Society lies in the hands of the captain as its safety is jeopardized if any of the captains are harmed.



They are souls of those dead warriors who have not crossed the Soul Society after their deaths and prefer to stay in the Human World. They are supernatural and corrupt souls who torment both living and dead souls in the Human World. Hollows are the only race which can cross both Human World and Soul Society as and when they please. They can also change their appearance as per their will and their only source of power comes from devouring lost souls.


They are group of Hollow warriors who have gained powers similar to Soul Reapers by stripping off their masks. They posses all the qualities of Hollow Warriors such as brute strength, black magic, etc. along with traits of powerful Soul Reapers who are the guardians of wandering souls. Some of the Arrancar’s are formed naturally and others are created by Aizen.


They are the top 10 Elite Arrancar, which creates an army that is formed of Hybrid Hollow-Shingami. These warriors are sworn enemies of Gotei-13 and are commanded by antagonist Sosuke Aizen. Espada Warriors are the most strongest of Arrancar Warriors. They also command troops of other Arrancar warriors in the battlefield. Each Espada Warrior bears a numeric tattoo from 0-9 on different parts of their body which displays their hierarchy.

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